Because Back at One is an epicenter for spiritual and natural empowerment, we have designed 3 unique "Journeys" (formerly known as "Tracks") that will cultivate the unique needs of our audience. Please Note: All attendees have the liberty to attend any session, but are encouraged to commit to 1 "Journey".

Journey #1 

Leaders: Impact requires empowerment. This journey is specifically designed to empower men and women to lead like Christ. We will be providing tools on how to be an authentic leader, developing a vision that people will follow, the challenges of leadership, becoming the catalyst for change in your ministry, and more. 


Journey #2 

Creatives: The first characteristic of God in scripture was "creative". Because God thinks so highly of the creative, our mission in this journey is to ensure those attending have knowledge of their "why" and their "where". Not everyone knows the "why" attached to their gift and all creatives do not fall within the "musician or singer" category. We're here to help! Let's discover the identity of the creative in you! 


Journey #3

Marketplace: Kingdom advancement requires disruptive presence in the marketplace. This journey has been designed to assist those in the Marketplace, entrepreneurs, and aspiring entrepreneurs in the areas of vision development, identifying if my idea should be a business, the benefit and burden of Christian entrepreneurship, and more.