Originating in 2012, Back at One Conference is a Kingdom-based conference, inclusive of worship experiences and enriching journeys (also known as “Tracks”), specially designed for leaders, creatives, and marketplace influencers. This gathering is designed to deposit, develop, and deploy for Kingdom advancement and to reintroduce those in attendance to God’s original thought concerning their lives and destiny.

The Back at One Conference Team is dedicated to treating our delegates with the highest level of excellence and providing both an extraordinary, and Godly experience.  We believe in quality Christian service for those who have taken the time to join.  By the time one arrives to Back at One Conference, they will be greeted with the love of God emanating from the Back at One Conference Team and our amazing conference volunteers.

Families, ministries, youth, men, and women, from both far and near, come to seek the mind of God for the time as well as to receive empowering tools equipping them for effective Kingdom operation; and also to form positive relationships with other Kingdom-minded people of various walks of life. Countless testimonies have been given that reflect the impact Back at One Conference has had on those in attendance. Through dynamic teaching, holistic development, unrestricted worship and fellowship, souls have been saved, lives have been changed, purpose has been birthed, and world changers have emanated.

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